Snotty, whiney, but not obnoxiously loud. We designed the short barrel to be just that. Marred as the Originals little stepbrother,
the Short Barrel has become the nastiest, gnarliest, plain out “bad to the bone” call, ever packed in a 4 1/4 inch duck calling machine. It’s intricately designed tone board along with its shorter barrel makes for an easier blowing call as well as
allowing the caller to come down softer on the call without sacrificing a meaty ducky sound on top. The bore
was designed to produce a nasally ducky sound with just the right amount of back pressure to make this an
unbelievably awesome, medium volume call. Single Reed.

Clyde Hancock, 1948 World Duck Calling Champion was a legendary hunter, caller, and call-maker (1920’s-50’s)
from Stuttgart, AR. He made a great patterned checkered call and a smooth style call. These are open water style
calls, with or without checkering. This is the ultimate one call that will do it all.


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